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Welcome to Long Beach Cottage Rentals

Welcome to Long Beach Cottage Rentals

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Email for an exciting opportunity! An entire month at private Long Beach from $3000.

That’s right! You can have an entire month at the Beach for what some charge for a week.  Come and go as you please, invite family members, share with co-workers, and no hope for the best weather on your short stay.


In compliance with Wainfleet’s New Short Term (STR) Rental Bylaw
There is an exciting opportunity for Full or Half-Season rentals!
What is half season rental?
What is full season rental?
Why rent longer term?
Are all Cottages available all the time?

We’re a third generation Cottage Rental on the shores of the Great Lake Erie in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada.  Situated on the beautiful sandy shores of Long Beach.

You may navigate through our site using the menu shortcut (3 horizontal bars) in the upper corner of any page.

Our “About Us” page gets you started on learning more about our cottage rentals in Wainfleet, ON — in Long Beach.

A couple of our cottages are described and pictured on individual pages like: Cottage #1, Cottage #2Cottage #3, The House (#4), Cottage #5, Cottage #7, Cottage #8, Cottage #9, or Cottage #10.  Please enjoy!

If you have questions about renting any of our cottages on Lake Erie, please take the time to read through our FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions. We work to keep this a complete list of common questions and hope it helps you with your Long Beach Cottage Rental question.

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