Long Beach Cottage Rental #1

Long Beach Cottage Rental #1

Cottage 1 is a quiet front corner cottage with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a beautiful view of Lake Erie and Long Beach.

The front room, looking out onto Long Beach, has comfortable sitting areas, a table for inside dining, a fireplace, and carefree tile floors.

Cottage #1 with its big Living Room over looking the private sand Beach
A futon in the living room for extra guests
Spacious seating to enjoy breakfast or relax and reflect on your day at the Beach
Each Cottage has a TV and internet access to help distract guests from the beautiful Beach
A fireplace removes the chill of early Spring and Fall evenings while providing a nice atmosphere.
Windows along the front of the Cottage overlook the beautiful private sand Beach.
TV, internet, some books and games round out non-sandy entertainment options

Full-sized gas stove & refrigerator.  BBQ (outside), coffee maker, toaster, utensils, and all the other serving ware – everything for your stay, even the sink.  Just BYO food & beverage goodies : )

All the Cottages have awesome natural gas stoves; preferred by chefs worldwide. Many call the top the “range” – where water boils & you make the sauce. The oven bakes the bread. We can discuss this later.. on the beach.
Three piece bath – clean & safe and ready to enjoy with toilet, sink, and stand up shower.
Cottage #1 has two queen beds
Waking up to the summer sun is truly a great feeling.
All guests have equal access to all the decks and other comfortable sitting platforms overlooking the private beach and fresh water
Lake Erie is very popular with water sport enthusiasts — particularly wind surfers and kiteboarders
Sunsets are legendary at Long Beach
Long Beach Cottages provides plastic Beach chairs but welcomes you to BYO favourite beach chair.
Do you want sand Beach? ’cause we got lots of sand beach for your family to enjoy!
Sail, paddle, swim, splash! Summer is awesome at Long Beach!
Long Beach is, well, long.. and wide. And private just for the guests of Long Beach Cottages
Cottage #1 is on the right of this picture, the House – #4 – is on the far left of this picture.
The decks overlooking the Beach are an excellent place to relax and watch storms roll down the Lake
Cute little waves and ducks living their best life are but one of the ways to enjoy Long Beach
What a great day at the Beach! Cottages 3, 2, & 1 (on the far right) are pictured above the breakwall.
Guests enjoying Long Beach Cottage’s private beach. One of the firepits in the right foreground.
Cottage #3 on the left, #2 moving right, and Cottage #1 hiding behind the deck on the right.
A view from the beach front Cottage #1 at Long Beach Cottages

Long Beach Cottage Rentals

Cottage 1

Looking at Cottage #1 from the Beach Side

A beautiful Maple tree shades the Lakeside and provides a cool place to watch the beach.

There are 2 bedrooms, each with a queen sized bed.

A comfortable night’s rest listening to waves lapping the sandy shoreline will make this a wonderful holiday!


Long Beach Cottage Rentals are located in Long Beach — Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada.  On the sandy shores of Great Lake Erie.

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